JAM Technologies specialises in providing organisations of all sizes with the best, most trustworthy
IT and security solutions.


In the ever-evolving technology market, we believe that companies need reliable allies who can guide them through the challenges that accompany technological growth.


We provide cloud, security and mobility services - to name a few. 


 About us

The combination of businesses becoming ever more reliant on data, complex IT Infrastructure, the need to protect IP and the threat of more advanced and diverse attacks is forcing enterprise to constantly increase investment in security solutions.


JAM Technologies founders are cyber security experts from multiple disciplines with a combined 90 years of experience in the industry working with global vendors, end users and distributors.

JAM Technologies distribute and deploy a suite of best in class technologies to provide their customers with peace of mind and confidence that they are both safe and compliant.

Our technology partners are recognised as best in class and our team is highly experienced in the deployment and management of bespoke solution sets which evolve as our customers' businesses change and grow.





 EgoSecure is an acknowledged  leader and provider in advanced data security and control technologies.

The EgoSecure suite provides organisations with robust data protection enabling them to manage, monitor and audit data pathways.


 Our technology partners

 Traditional security technology relies on the past historical threat data to detect malware using behavioral analytics, AI, or pattern matching and do not provide real-time complete protection against unknown and new types of malware.

AppGuard guards the most widely targeted applications using “Isolation Technology” to simply and effectively protect the system. 


 Trustica is designed to protect the devices in the evolving connected world of the Internet of Things. The solution incorporates the three foundation elements of living safely in a connected world:

1 - Protecting information from cyber attacks.
2 - Protecting the trust relationships of connections.  
3 - Protecting privacy


 Matrix42 combines Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Software Asset Management (SAM),  Automated Endpoint Security (AES) and Service Management (ITSM).  This allows for the seamless integration of physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based workspaces into existing infrastructures.


Dataguard™ are experts in providing security processes and protocols which can ensure end-to-end security for the confidential data your business needs to store or transmit. It does this without the need for costly process rebuilds or system upgrades, or committing your employees to onerous training.


We believe that Getac make the best rugged computers in the world. With over 300 full-time engineers dedicated to designing products to meet the challenges of the mobile worker. Their products feature better display readability for outdoor productivity, dual-batteries and advanced power management to cope with a longer working day or simply the durability and built-in reliability .