AppGuard: Isolation Technology protects against future, as yet unknown, threats rather than deriving protection from historical events. It does this by altering the "DNA" of the operating system, making it immune to the effects of malware.

AppGuard Enterprise: central management console allowing system administrators to control end points. Policies can be set group-wide or site-wide. Event logs generated for management control.

AppGuard Solo: installed directly onto PCs preventing known threats such as ransomware and, as yet, unknown threats.

ServerGuard: security tuned to individual purposes of each server. It protects against pass the hash, pass the ticket type attacks, SQL injection and network-based worm attacks.

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Perfect protection starts with “Isolation Technology”


Everyday more than 1 million new malwares are being generated by adversaries. Traditional security technology relies on the past historical threat data to detect malware using behavioral analytics, AI, or pattern matching and do not provide real-time complete protection against unknown and new types of malware that behaves differently than the ones in the past. 

AppGuard guards the most widely targeted applications using “Isolation Technology” to simply and effectively protect the system. 
“Isolation technology” has been used for many years by the U.S. government agencies and has never been breached. “Isolation Technology” is a patented (US Patent# 7,712,143) new concept that overcomes the limitations with the traditional detection based techniques.