Insight: collects facts about the data security of the network and displays them in graphs and detailed tables, meeting the information requirements of both management and administrators. Protective measures can be implemented based on diagnostics of reported data movements, and protection can be maintained into the future as systems and threats evolve through constant system monitoring and response.

IntellAct: analyses the data from Insight and automatically activates protective measures based on pre-defined rules. It makes comparisons against benchmarks, automatically detecting anomalies and critical situations so that an appropriate responses are triggered to protect an organization’s data. This automation greatly facilitates the work of administrators and minimizes reaction times considerably.

If data is lost due to theft, negligence or accident, can damage businesses and reputations. The most vulnerable points of attack are our devices, computers, smartphones, laptops, etc., which are operated by people – and people are fallible.

Anti-virus protection and a firewall are not enough to protect data. Data is the life-blood of every organisation and for more than 10 years, EgoSecure  has been innovating and leading the way in the field of data protection. To date, more than 2,100 customers from every industry and of all sizes, are benefiting from EgoSecure Data Protection.

Our unique solution determines the data protection status of your network. It then gives you accurate information, specific to your network, with guidance on how to protect yourself via our 20+ protection modules. This process can even be automated.