Notebooks, tablets and servers for extreme environments


Whether you are in a sandstorm, a blizzard or just need to be able to read your display in bright sunlight, Getac devices are designed to give you access to critical information in extreme environments. With Getac QuadraClear sunlight-readable display technology and testing in temperatures as cold as -29ºC to a scorching 60 ºC these devices are the toughest available.


Whether you need secure device management or CAPS approved hardware encryption we have a rugged mobile device that can meet your need. With ViaSat HDD options and Cryptify compatible tablets, our GetacSecure range can protect your data.

Better, Brighter, Stronger
Our revolutionary LumiBond®2.0 technology, bonding the display glass with the touch panel and LCD, enhances touch functionality (Rain & Glove) and provides a display that is more readable, both indoors and out, offering better contrast and crisper colours.

Multi-functional Tools
Our devices are designed to capture a wide range of data with integrated 1D/2D barcode reader, RFID Reader and dual cameras, enabling utility maintenance staff to maintain assets and manage parts.

Ultrafast Connectivity
Innovative wireless technology supports exceptional coverage and faster download speeds, whether in a city block or beside a reservoir, allowing consistent access to work data.

Fast and Accurate GPS
Integrated dedicated GPS with antenna pass-through to the dock providing class-leading acquisition speed and location accuracy when maintaining infrastructure.

Long Battery Life
Full shift/deployment battery performance with LifeSupport™ hot-swappable battery technology for always-on power availability.

ATEX Certified
ATEX certified product range for use in Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres. Independently tested and certified to ensure you can operate in hazardous environments.

Independently Certified 

Getac devices are independently certified by third party laboratories to meet the requirements of international standards. Tested for drop, shock, vibrations and ingress by dust and water they are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions, in vehicle or out.

Vehicle Ready
With integrated dedicated GPS and RF-antenna pass-through to rugged docks Getac devices are delivered vehicle ready. Modern emergency vehicles are not just transport, they need to be navigators, reference libraries and communication hubs and Getac devices can help them be that.

Device Security
Getac devices can be configured so they can be found if lost or stolen, blocked or wiped remotely, prevent use of unauthorised applications and alert a control if the device is removed from a geographic area (Geo-Fencing).

Multiple Connectivity
Multiple connectivity options including wired (RS232 serial, USB, LAN, VGA) and wireless I/O (WiFi, Bluetooth) to integrate with your diagnostic testing tools and devices.

Drop Resistant
Drop Resistant – Industrial and manufacturing processes tend to occur in dynamic environments that can be prone to accidents. Our computers are ruggedly designed to continue to operate even when accidents occur at the engine-bay or shop floor.

Programmable Hotkeys
Special programmable hot keys for repetitive tasks providing your technicians faster operation and access in the field.

Backlit Keyboard
Backlit keyboards provide a premium feel and response, allowing you to complete your task in the dimmest conditions without straining your eyes.

Service + Support
Getac offers a wide range of service and support options to make sure that your device is always on duty when you are. Out-of-Box ready services include Gold Image management & asset tagging. Our devices low failure rate is supported by industry leading warranty options.

As one of the leading rugged computer providers, we offer the most extensive rugged computing product lines including laptops and tablet computers.

We serve a wide range of markets including military & defence, law enforcement, public safety, emergency services, utility, field services, oil & gas, telecommunications, transportation and industrial manufacturing.