Unified Endpoint Management: allows the IT team to actively manage all devices from a single user interface. The result: efficient device management and more productive end users. 

Service Management: provides an intuitive app store for users and ITIL-certified service processes for IT departments. Available in modules (Service Desk, Workflow Studio, Service Catalogue, ServiceBuilder). All Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management modules are integrated with one another and can be used in a complete management console. 

Workflow Studio lets you dock the systems of your choice in a completely intuitive way. SolutionBuilder allows you to design the entire UI as desired. SolutionBuilder and Workflow Studio provide you with a whole range of options to expand your solution in an update-proof way.

Software Asset Management: a complete solution consisting of asset, license, and contract management. It provides license managers and compliance officers with full transparency and investment control over all assets, contracts, and licenses across all platforms (clients, servers, mobile devices, and the cloud). It avoids improper and incorrect licensing and optimises costs and license requirements.

MyWorkspace: Makes end users’ working environment mobile. Secure browsing with single sign-on and without VPN. Turns the browser into a new operating system and access desired data and applications from any device at any time. Operates with mobile, SaaS or legacy applications.

EgoSecure: The EgoSecure security suite is integrated into the platform to ensure a secure workspace.

Simplify Digital Work

With Matrix42 Workspace Management, companies simplify and optimise the management of their IT workspaces. The result is noticeably reduced IT costs, up to 70% less support costs and up to 30% savings in license and asset costs. Your users have secure and mobile access to all applications with any device and browser and can continue working without interruption even in the event of a malware infection. (Forrester TEI Study 2017)

Rescue your investment and migrate now – easily swap your existing licenses to Matrix42.

Do you feel uncomfortable regarding the further development of Ivanti‘s product suite (ex Heat or RES)? Then migrate to Matrix42‘s workspace management solution and benefit from a 1:1 license swap. You only change your existing maintenance into a new license subscription. On top of that you get free access more than 3,000 software packages and the latest version of our cloud management solution MyWorkspace.