Trustica: maintaining trust relationships across the connected world. 

In a connected world you cannot see the people or things you are connected to. Exchanges of information and online transactions. Authentication of people and things and protection your privacy are critical.

Trustica is a safety platform that incorporates the three foundation elements of living safely in a connected world:
    1 - Protecting information from cyber attacks
    2 - Protecting the trust relationships of connections
    3 - Protecting privacy

It does this through unique technologies developed by Blue-planet works:
    A - protecting information through Isolation Technology
    B - protects the trust relationship of the connection through Trust Technology
    C - protects privacy through AnonymousID Technology

The connected world is becoming a reality. Your home, your car, and all the infrastructure that supports your lifestyle including gas, electricity and water are all connected. People to people, things to things, people to things.

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